My projects

Here is a list of my personal projects. Some are POCs made by testing a new technology (service, language, framework, etc.), others are more successful projects with a business model.

  • easymessage•ai

    A generator of personalized messages (social networks, SMS, email…) boosted with artificial intelligence to help people in need of inspiration.

  • Du Talent dans ma Brigade is the French job platform for finding a job in a kitchen brigade. You can also create your profile as a catering professional.

    Job platform dedicated to catering professions. Project intended for candidates and professionals on French territory only.

Abandoned projects

  • 外人 Network

    外人 Network was a social network project for foreigners ("gaijin" in Japanese) traveling or living in Japan. Users could create a profile, post ads, find travel companions. Tools were at their disposal : translator, kanas table, hiragana/katakana/romaji converter and others were under development : a travel planner (subway, train), a job board and a few Japanese courses.