They trusted me

I had the opportunity to work with differents types of clients, from small businesses to large groups. Here are some of them. You can also check out my LinkedIn profile to find out more.

  1. Avneer

    AvneerCurrent Mission

    I took part in the Avneer project from the very beginning, as a CTO, which allowed me to set up the foundations of the project and to master its architecture. My mission is to develop the web backend as well as the APIs.

  2. Silae


    I integrated the Silae HR development team as a Symfony senior developer. My job was to develop new functions and bring my expertise to the project, including best practices and unit testing.

  3. Becs Sucrés

    Becs Sucrés

    This mission was the development of a v2 (v1 had already been delivered by me in 2020 for the backend part).
    My job was to set up a back-office with Symfony and a REST API used by the site. I was also in charge of DevOps (deployment, CI/CD setup, etc…).

  4. Edenred — ProwebCE

    Edenred — ProwebCE

    Occasional support at ProWebCE (Edenred) as a senior Symfony developer within the PHP team in order to develop the webservices required by the "Happly" mobile application.